Altered Memory Book - The best thing about MEMORIES..... is making them

A special present for a special person

Last month, my friend asked me to think about creating a present for a young girl, for her 18th birthday. She is a daughter of a family friends, and having spent many special moments together, we had to think of something that will keep all the memories at one place.
This is what I came up with.
I used an old photo album as a base, but I have completely redone it. 

 This is the Cover page

mixed media, burlap, lace, acrylic paints, fabric flowers, decorative paper, wooden sign, butterfly

Cover page detail

Cover page detail
Second page - a window to memories
mixed media, structural paste, acrylic paints, fabric flowers

Now, that you are 18 . . . 
I firstly covered all the cardboard pages with structural paste, acrylic paint and then, I decoupage printouts that I created in advanced 

 Happy Birthday Sara!